You are unique and should do your SingAtSix the way you want, but here are a few ideas which may help you plan and enjoy your SingAtSix.

Take or use a prompt
Think you might forget the words? Have some in-ear headphones and sing along: but keep one ear free so you can hear yourself sing too.

▶ Optimise your sound
Think about where you are going to sing. Picking a spot which is acoustically interesting, like a cutting or passageway can have a big impact on sound.

▶ Write down the song lyrics
Take one or more hard copies of the song lyrics for your chosen song. Maybe you'd be open for others to join? Handing over a paper copy to keen looking bystanders might help people get involved.

Use the community hashtag!
Having the hashtag on display lets people understand what's going on. More on this tip here.

Pledge to SingAtSix
Need a little encouragement? If you'd like to talk your ideas through the SingAtSix community would be the place to seek support, suggestions or ideas.

More tips here!
We're regularly adding more tips to the site. If you have a SingAtSix tip for the community share it on social media along with the community hashtag and we'll share it on!

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