▶ Why Sing?
Singing is good for you. It's something that everyone can do at no cost and with little preparation.

▶ Why SIX?
Singing at six is what makes this a collective thing, even if you SingAtSix alone.
The idea was born in London at 9.23 pm on the 23rd of July 2018, but soon, if enough people like you join in or share .... maybe you'll hear others SingAtSix near you!

Are you making money with SingAtSix?
No. We're doing this for fun.

▶ Is SingAtSix part of a brand campaign?
Nope. It's independent. Not affiliated with any brand or marketing campaign.

Is SingAtSix a religious thing?
No. It can be for you if you want; that depends on you.
SingAtSix is just a simple idea unconnected any religious views.

▶ What's the purpose behind SingAtSix?
It's a simple fun idea, that could grow into something bigger.
Even if you're not ready to sing (yet) you can help by following SingAtSix and sharing the idea with your friends online.

Can I raise money for charity through SingAtSix?
No, not directly. But you could challenge yourself to SingAtSix and use that pledge to raise money for your favourite charity. If you pledge to SingAtSix for a good cause tell us about it so we can share!

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