We now have a custom Google URL!

The number above (115412789905979156354) was (still is) the Google brand account ID for the SingAtSix brand profile. It’s what we would use to direct people to SingAtSix on GooglePlus.
  • plus.google.com/115412789905979156354
But can you remember a URL with a 21 digit number? No, neither can we; so we were delighted that after meeting the requirements we were able to claim a custom URL for the channel.
  • plus.google.com/+SingAtSix
Much nicer looking and much easier to remember!

Interested in how to claim a custom URL? Here's how the process went.

Note that you'll not get offered a custom URL until after you have met some requirements, which are stated on the bottom of this help page.
Sometime after you've met the requirements you will see a banner like the one above, when logged in as the account and visiting your own profile page.

Clicking the “Claim URL” button will take you to the page shown above, where you can accept the offered custom URL.

What's offered to you depends on a number of factors, some of which are; your profile name, the account username (Gmail if applicable), the domain that the brand account is linked to etc.

People often make the mistake of checking the custom URL they want and ask for help when they don’t get offered that. Thinking that because they have “checked that it's unused!” and that shows that it should be available. But a particular custom URL may not be available, even if not currently in use, for a number of reasons: it’s may have been used before, it may be held for another account, etc.

You may also be required to add some characters to the end of what you are offered, to make the custom URL unique.

We planned the branding of “SingAtSix” meticulously, first registering the domain singatsix.org and providing as much information to Google as possible that the brand profile should be offered SingAtSix, so we were lucky enough to be offered exactly what we wanted!

Once you've chosen what is offered and made it unique (if required), indicate that you accept the terms and click "Save URL". Then you'll see the confirmation page below.

Make sure you’ve made no mistakes! Then click confirm.

You’ll then have successfully claimed the URL!

So the SingAtSix profile URL is now …
  • plus.google.com/+SingAtSix
That's a lot nicer looking and a lot easier for people to remember, but as it is an account URL we could also use many Google domain versions.

For example:
  • Google.com/+SingAtSix
  • Google.Me/+SingAtSix
Might look fun on a business card 👍

We'd be very happy if you'd give SingAtSix a follow on GooglePlus. If you're not a Google user see our other social channels here!


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